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  Admin      Nov 01 2020

Important Instructions for the 3rd KRC Local Show

Class 1 and Class 2 will be in arena B

Class 3 to Class 5 will be in Arena A

Class 1 Walking the course at 14:00 and first rider at 15:00

Class 3 Walking the course at 15:00 and first rider at 16:00

In addition to the general procedures applied on the country level, we are going to apply below plan:

1- We advise all the participants, trainers and officials to avoid grouping and to keep 1.5m distance between each other.

2- It’s mandatory to wear the mask on the whole venue, and while walking the course.

3- Monitoring the prize giving ceremonies (social distancing & masks) without shaking hands.

4- In addition to the stewarding team (security team) are hired to monitor the general adherence to the protocols.

5- Temperature screening & sanitizers on Venue entrances.

6- Ground signs signalling social distancing at the restaurants.