Riding Centers
    Riding Centers

Visit these great locations where you can train and improve your riding skills. New and more serene riding venues are constantly being established in different countries around the Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, among others. We welcome riding centers to list their venues on this page for horse riders to choose from.

Kuwait Riders Academy

Kuwait Riding Club

Established in April 2017, Kuwait Riding Club is a professional sports team that is currently based in Kuwait Riding Center and aims to train riders to represent Kuwait in the proudest manner.

AlMuzaini Equestrian

Show Jumping Stable.

Kuwait Riding Center

Kuwait Riding Center was established in February 1996 as the first private riding center in Kuwait. Our riding school trains over 500 riders and 120 horses. Training is spread over eight arenas, t ...

Gulf Equestrian

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